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Workshops and Seminars

Workshop by Mrs. Saloni priya

Date: 18th & 19th Sep-2015

Students Parents and teachers of Sunbeam Mughalsarai had an opportunity to be with Mrs. Salony Priya on 18th and 19th September 2015 .She is a counseling psychologist working in the area of Education Management, Human Development & Training, student empowerment & comprehensive counseling for more than 16 years. She conducted a workshop with class Xi students and made them aware about the increasing menace of internet and its consequences, she also motivated them to share their views and opinions with their parents to strengthen their relationship with them.

Another set of workshops were organized for the parents of the students from classes 6 to 10.These workshops were focused on dealing with gender issues , increasing internet usage by the teenagers and ways to connect and communicate better with younger generation . These workshops are part of the initiative taken by the school towards its goal of holistic education and they will continue in future so that more parents become part of the initiatives taken by the school

Mrs salony Priya also continued with a small group of 30 teachers who are being trained by her to become certified pastoral guides ,so that they are better equipped to deal with problems of children and can spend more time with them ,not only making them good scholars but also mould them to become better individuals.

Workshop By Ms. Salony Priya

Date: 29th & 30th Aug-2014

Ms. Salony Priya, an eminent psychologist and counselor from Kolkata conducted workshops for students, teachers and parents on 29th & 30th August,2014 in the school premises.She resolved queries of the participants and touched upon sensitive issues like handling teenagers and adolescence issues.Madam is the Trustee of Umeed Foundation which believes that hope in life can heal,enable and empower everyone!

Counseling by ICS Lucknow

Students standing at the threshold at choosing a career for themselves are very comfortable in the presence of counselors who give them a variety of career choices and the most appropriate ones for them.
Career counseling sessions are organized for the students of class X by the renowned counselors from the institute for career studies Lucknow .