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Significant Events

Festival of multiple intelligences

The camp of FOMI by Primary Plus was held for the students of classes 3 to 5 in the school campus on 28th Feb 2015 .Children from Chadauli ,Varanasi and adjoining areas also join in along with the students of class 6 on 1st March 2015. The camp was based on the theory of multiple intelligences. The main motive was to enhance creativity and bring innovation in the ways of teaching and learning.

Multi coloured tents were put up and the students were divided into eight groups. They were given different colour badges to emphasize the fact that they are’ smart in their own way’. Team leaders were appointed to look after their groups and ensure that each child got a fair opportunity. This enhanced their leadership quality.

Eight kinds of intelligences were touched upon by performing various activities like- aerobics, rock climbing,fox flying news reading, understanding 2D and 3 D concepts , brain games ,understanding colours of the world, language , how to express etc. The main purpose of the camp was to provide a holistic approach towards mental and physical development.
The children learnt with loads of fun . The winners received attractive prizes and all the participants enjoyed crispy popcorn and relished mouthwatering pizzas along with attractive gifts.
. This event was an eye opener for one and all as it exposed the hidden talents and this a dire need of the hour as it breaks the monotony of academics in a classroom. Such activities are always welcomed with open arms.


School organized ''TRYST'' on 1st March''15 (Sunday) in the school premises from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon. It was an opportunity given to the parents to witness their children in action in the classrooms and in other activities regularly conducted during school hours. The doors to the Classrooms, Labs, Library, Active Learning Lab, play areas and many more were thrown open for parents to take the pleasure of watching their child actually involved in school curriculum.Tryst also created an awareness amongst the parents about the objective of conducting various activities with the students which establish the vision of holistic development of the students

Adventure Camp enthralls students

An Adventure Camp was organized for the students of Classes VI to XI under the expert guidance of Mr. Anit Shah and his team from Altitudes Expeditions Pvt. Ltd, Nainital. The motto of the exercises was not limited to adventure, it encompassed under its purview arenas of Life Skills Training like Team Building, Leadership, Camaraderie and raising confidence levels.

The highlight of the event was the participation of 18 vision impaired students form Varanasi who thoroughly enjoyed the adventure games without inhibitions ! They were helped and supported by the students of Sunbeam.

Reading Mahotsav

With an intent to foster and nurture the love for reading and to create an atmosphere where knowledge and learning is smooth and optimum, various activities and events were organized in the month of July. Maximum number of students participated with full enthusiasm and vigour. Special assemblies with role plays of Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare & Munshi Premchand were organized to commemorate Reading Mahotsav.