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Tinkering Lab

“Never a dull moment in T-LAB says” Soumya every time she visits the lab.

Why so?? Because we at T-LAB don’t measure a child’s capacity and talent on the basis of their academics . We believe every child is unique and different. Hence, they require time and resources according to their pace of learning and interest. T-LAB is a non judgemental space where we appreciate the children in both their success and failures. They learn the meaning of healthy competition, team work , leadership quality and many more. T-LAB classes are provided to the children from a very tender age so that they get a strong base to rely on , have the confidence to speak in front of the audience , tackle failure with a smile on their face with the intention to be better the next time and learn from their peer members of the teams. We follow the three H of Gandhi ji’s teachings where he says that a combination of Head , Heart and Hand is what makes a child excel in all the aspects of his life. And T-LAB is the best example of that. We go through monthly elections in T-LAB where children elect 3 members as the Planning , Material and Bank heads and are assigned with certain responsibilities.

There are various steps which children have to go through in order to innovate and create something of their own , something which they can proudly call their own creation . We often find children beaming with pride when they present their model in the demonstration meetings. Bank team provides financial support (with T-LAB currency ) and also provides loan of needed.Planning team head helps them to plan their time and the resources they need and after finalizing they write it down on the planning board along with the estimated date of the completion of the model so that they work more effectively and efficiently. Material team head provides them with the raw materials in return for the T- lab currency after checking the current price of the items from the list provided on the board . The environment in T-LAB doesn’t feel less than a market with our little scientists exchanging money and buying things to complete their models and that too with happy and smiling faces.

What surprises us the most is that the students who are shy in the class or are not that expressive also perform brilliantly in T-LAB . From a painting to a Cooler and from a Vase to a shoe cleaning machine , our children have covered it all and every year they demonstrate these models in the annual fest which is called the Tinker-fest. They work in teams of 2-3 children and within a span of 10-15 days they are able to create something of their own to represent in the Tinker-fest and allow the audience to rank their project in terms of productivity, Usability, aesthetics etc.