NOTICES - Notices and Circulars


Sunbeam School Mughalsarai

42 years.jpgNotice – School Timings for Classes  PG - XII

Dear Parents,

As per the order of the District Authorities, the School will follow the following timings w.e.f Friday,
December 9, 2016 :

Play Group – Class V – 11:00 a.m. – 03:00 p.m.

Classes VI – XII          – 09:45 a.m. – 01:45 p.m.

Buses will ply as per the changed timings.

C.K. Palit  



Sunbeam School, Mughalsarai

Notice for Class I

Dear Parents,                                                                                                                   Date : 02.11.2016

We at Sunbeam School Mughalsarai always strive to provide a student friendly and congenial atmosphere for teaching – learning to happen in the classrooms.

As such, we have decided to segregate the students of class I into three sections so that the teacher – student ratio is to the advantage of students. Your ward _________________________________________________ has been allotted section ___________ of class I. We feel that students of class I need extra care and attention and would do wonders in smaller groups. We look forward to your co operation.





Sunbeam School, Mughalsarai

Notice-Classes VI – VIII

Adventure Camp by Altitudes Expeditions

Dear Parents,                                                                                                                        Date : 20.10.2016

This is to inform you that School is organizing Adventure Camp for the students of Classes VI to VIII. This will be conducted through Mr. Anit Shah (a renowned mountaineer and the youngest to climb Mount Everest) Director of Altitudes Expeditions, Nainital who conducts Adventure Camp for the students of Classes VI to VIII every year. The Camp will be conducted as per the schedule.

Sl. No.




23.10.2016 (Sunday)



24.10.2016 (Monday)



25.10.2016 (Tuesday)



26.10.2016 (Wednesday)


*     Students should report to the School  in their Wednesday Uniform on the day of their Adventure Camp.

*     They will bring their Almanacs, water bottle and lunch boxes.

*     The students who reside in Mughalsarai will return home at 04:30 p.m. and other areas by the second shift of the buses on the day of their Camp.




Sunbeam School, Mughalsarai

Notice-Class VI

Dear Parents,                                                                                                                        Date : 20.10.2016

Class visits add experience and learning to our lives and break the monotony of daily routine. With a view to enlighten our children, we have organized a class visit to Sarnath on Sunday 23rd October 2016 during regular school hours. Kindly adhere to the points given below:-

1.   Students will carry snacks and lunch, water bottle, napkins almanac and a pen.

2.   They are not allowed to carry mobile or cameras.

In case of any query you may get in touch with Mr. Rajesh Sinha on Mobile No. 9838915544




Sunbeam School Mughalsarai
NOTICE [Downloading Application for Tracking Buses]
Dear Parents,
We are pleased to inform you that our buses have been enabled with GPS Technology whereby you can track your ward''''''''''''''''s bus using your smartphones. Please download the bustrack by Syber apps. 
1. Go to Google Play Store 
2. Search – bustrack
3. Click on bustrack by Syber apps   
4. Click on Install & accept it
5. Icon of bustrack will be displayed on your screens. (open it)
6. Type username and password given below
7. Press Sign in 
8. The Google Map will be displayed showing the location of your ward''''''''''''''''s bus.

Username :
Password : Sunbeam.1
A Helpdesk will be there in the school on 4th February 2016. An SMS containing the link is also being sent.
For any other problem regarding the App you can also contact Mr. Shankar at School.


Sunbeam School Mughalsarai

(Notice for KG section)                         Date:09.04.2016 

Sit-in Parents Meeting

Dear Parents,

We are organising Sit-in Parents Meeting on 12th April 2016 to discuss in details our KG way of working so that the school and parents are in sync when it comes to the child''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s development and learning. This is an initiative by the school which will provide the first chance for parents to find out how the things are actually going. The Sit-in Parents meeting will be as per the schedule given below –






08:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Please take a note: -

i) You are requested to report to the venue on time.

ii) Please carry your child''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s syllabi and books for the same.

iii) Please do not bring your ward(s) to avoid the distraction.


Sunbeam School Mughalsarai

Notice – Class I                                                      Date :8.04.2016   

Dear Parents

As your child has moved on to class I, we would like to inform you about few important things which form an integral part of your child’s academics. Kindly take note of the following :-

  1. Unit Test : Unit Tests for each subject are held regularly on every Saturday. (For detailed scheduled and syllabus of the Unit Test, please refer to pages 8,9 and 10 of the syllabi.)
  2. Topics to be Spoken : In order to boost our children''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s confidence and to enhance his/her conversation skill, we give a topic to him/her in his/her almanac (once in every term) to speak in the classroom. Parents are requested to prepare the children for the same. Children who speak well will be asked to deliver the same in the assembly.
  3. To promote creative writing, ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Paragraph Writing'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''', ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Picture Composition'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' and ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Learn to Write'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' given under English Language portion of the syllabus will be written by the children on their own. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Helping Words'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' are given in the syllabus to assist them in writing.
  4. Students have to submit their stationery things as mentioned in the stationery list, six passport size photographs and one family photograph to the Class Teacher.
  5. Please check your ward''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s diary, books and notebooks everyday. Fill up the  first page, Personal Form, Medical Form and Page No-18 of the diary.
  6. Students have to submit safe Moulding Dough Kit-1 to the Class Teacher.


Sunbeam School Mughalsarai 
Notice – Class I (Maths Copy)                      Date :8.04.2016                                     

Dear Parents

We have found that the current Maths copy (sq. size 0.75cm x 0.75cm) being used by the child, is causing inconvenience to him/her in writing the numbers neatly. So for the child''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s ease of writing, we request you to replace his/her Maths copy with the sq. size of 1 cm x 1 cm. We regret for the inconvenience caused.